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When introducing the Closed Joint-Stock Company "Bobrovski Insulation Factory", I would like to present you the products made by its talented workforce which is a combination of workers and engineers, of science and technology. The factory was established in 1942 on the basis of a wood chemistry enterprise and is now one of the largest Russian manufacturers of insulating materials and products. The factory's portfolio of creative ideas comprises many interesting developments which foster expansion and help to renew the products to be manufactured. Almost one thousand employers, i.e. managers, engineers and workers of the factory, have ensured its financial stability and increase in profits and revenues. The working staff of the factory is a reliable guarantee of the prosperity of our enterprise.


Bobrovski Insulation Factory was founded in 1933 with starting the first shop of production of spirit and turpentine.

In January 1933 appeared the second shop of production of rosin 1935 year was the beginning of production furniture varnishes.

In april of 1936 a new equipment of formalin production was installed, and by the end of the year the first lot of solvent and acetic acid.

In february of 1941 was created a shop of soap production.

From 1942 to 1945 it was a transition period. It was the beginning of reorganization the factory for producing insulating materials. The chemical departments were gradually closed, and on their places new electric insulation shops began to work. In 1943 appeared the shop of producing varnishes.

In 1949 the factory produced 26 titles of varnishes and pitches. At that time 3 kinds of enamels were begun to produce.

In 1957 was a creating of shop to produce insulation materials, including micanite's shop, and also section of press and winding production By the beginning of 70-s the collective of Bobrovski insulation factory skillfully used the capacity of production almost on 100%.

At that time was produced and organized a conveyer installation for testing service of sheet isolation materials, introduced new semi-automatic machine for testing service of micanites, english winding machine, 400 tons press and so on.

In 1982 production of new material fiber glass textolite STEF-OP began. In 1987 the production of 6 kinds of electric insulation was mastered . In 1990 the works on the section of foiled dielectrics began

Also in 90-s the production of enamel PF-115 and izoflex was mastered. In 1998 the new technologies of production drying oil, fiber glass plastics, fiber glass micatape, epoxy varnishes and enamels, first coat with using drying oil and copper foiled laminate.

In 2000 the company proceeded a boundary of 300 mln. rubles in the total turnover. At that time mastered production of foiled heat resistant glass fiber textolite (type STF), nonflammable copper foiled laminate, particularly thin copper foiled laminate and other.

Nowadays here is mastering the production of micro dielectrics, new types of fiber glasses: on silk, on kapron, cotton-paper fabric, chemically proof covering "Argof" and other.

Bobrovski Insulation Factory cooperates with many customers from the majority regions of Russia and Union of Independent which represent different industries: mechanical engineering, metallurgy, war industry, power engineering and many other.

The production of the factory is certified on system of international standard ISO-9002.

By the beginning of 2005 the factory will install a new equipment and plans to produce the following materials, earlier not producing in Russia: copper foiled laminates (type FR4) for double side and multilayer printed circuit boards.